10 Most Shocking WWE Survivor Series Moments

Why the hell are these NXT guys beating up Ryback?

When I see the name Survivor Series, I think of a high-pitched Vince McMahon narrating a video package as he screams the names of all the competitors in the traditional elimination matches that dominated the early days of the Thanksgiving Eve tradition.

The event would develop and morph into a more traditional wrestling-based event with only one or two elimination matches as a throwback to the original format.

In the last decade or so, WWE has let Survivor Series become the forgotten child of the company€™s pay per-view events. More emphasis is put on the Money In The Bank and Hell In A Cell concept-based shows, rather than the event that a generation of fans called one of the €˜Big 4€™ along with Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

But it would be a crime for younger fans to not understand how special and iconic this event has been in the past.

In the 28 years that Survivor Series has accompanied the American holiday tradition, there€™s been dozens of memorable happenings, but what moments shocked us as wrestling fans and left an imprint in our brain? I€™m going to give you the 10 moments that, when I think of Survivor Series and events that left me stunned, these bad boys are top of the list.


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