10 Most Shocking WWE Survivor Series Moments

10. Sycho Sid Beats HBK To Win The WWF Championship (1996)

€œSycho Sid rules the World Wrestling Federation on November 17th, 1996€ - Those words (uttered by Jim Ross on commentary) in the closing moments of that year€™s thanksgiving spectacular, were a culmination of years of controversy, failures and problems surrounding Sid Eudy.

He€™d worked for both WWF and WCW several times but finally he€™d reached the top of the mountain and won the WWF Championship in Madison Square Garden. With 1996 being the year of TL Hopper and The Goon, to Shawn Michaels as an unlikeable top babyface, the Sycho one came along and his unhinged demeanour was very popular with fans leading to his title shot in New York City.

The shock came when Sid grabbed a TV camera mid match and bashed Shawn€™s elderly mentor, Jose Lothario with it, causing him to have a heart attack. He then nailed Shawn with it and one powerbomb later and Sid Eudy wasn€™t only the man, he was WWF Champion. Not only had Sid assaulted an old man, but he cheated to beat the top babyface in the promotion.

Naturally, the New York crowd loved every minute of it and Sid left The Garden as their hero.


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