10 Most Successful WWE To AEW Transitions

9. FTR

Mr. Brodie Lee
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The version of the two tag team masters now known as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (occasionally) seen on AEW programming is quite simply a world away from the unit who scraped their asses across a canvas during their disastrous time on WWE's main roster.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, after an undoubtedly impressive run on the black and gold brand, were little more than a painful punch-line for many an unfunny Vinnie Mac attempt at a joke from 2017 to 2020. And from the moment the pair asked for their release in January 2019, it felt fairly inevitable that the Top Guys' days in the sports entertainment sphere were numbered.

And for those who questioned whether the one-time Revival could actually hang with The Young Bucks of the world, did Dax and Cash have a treat for you.

While it could be argued that FTR's strongest displays since being allowed the freedom to embrace the old school tag wrasslin' ways they so love have come in the likes of ROH, AAA, and NJPW, it was their initial swift transition back into being a hard-as-nails throwback duo in mid-2020 and time roughing up The Elite, Jurassic Express, and rest of the All Elite roster that most certainly paved the way for an iconic 2022; one that involved many a title being won and a Briscoe Brother series for the ages.


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