10 Most Underrated Wrestlers In WWE Today

Superstars-in-waiting, long-time overlooked sensations and every underrated WWE wrestler in-between.

Charlotte Flair Drew Gulak

The term "underrated" is, of course, entirely subjective; best to get that out of the way early.

For, with every talent classed as entirely overlooked or under-utilised by one outspoken fan, there will almost certainly be another die-hard supporter of Sports Entertainment who claims that very same worker is either overrated or over-exposed, naturally.

Yet, even with that usually (and often hilariously) being the case whenever you decide to log onto the social media minefield that is Twitter, it's still hard to form an argument against the following collection of brilliant WWE folk being wholly misused and/or under-valued in general.

And perhaps even more frustratingly, a great many of the wrasslers occupying this underrated list have each at times been handed the ball to run with, only to smash it out of the park and still not be given the rewards or spotlight they truly deserve.

But, this being the same company that champions performers who converse with demented dolls and takes pride in having Tribal Chiefs massacre the field without a credible successor-in-waiting, trying to understand why this bunch of ludicrously talented souls haven't had their unquestionable potential tapped into is a rather painful and ultimately futile exercise.

Yet, if your writer doesn't salute them, then who will!?

10. Sarray

Charlotte Flair Drew Gulak

Brought into the rocky developmental waters during a particularly uncertain time in NXT's history, the latest ridiculously electric Japanese performer to be introduced into the already-stacked black and gold Women's ranks looked set to take the brand by storm.

Combining a bright and unflappable demeanour with a truly devastating in-ring arsenal, Sarray and her array of frightening dropkicks looked destined to be an inevitable hit with the NXT faithful by the time they were finally permitted to re-enter arenas.

Yet, by the time that moment did officially come around, the landscape had drastically shifted to the point where a star who didn't fall in line with the new brief of "physical specimen and/or former amateur/pro athlete" was always expected to struggle.

Sure enough, instead of doubling-down on her no-nonsense fondness of booting the skulls off her opponents before smiling her way back down the ramp, NXT 2.0 saw Sarray be re-introduced as a school-girl-like, magic-necklace-dependent character.

The new era of NXT is evidently more focused on getting behind the likes of recent sparring partner Tiffany Stratton. And throwing the depressingly under-valued star in there with other green up-and-comers like Lash Legend is doing the former World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana sensation little favours either.


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