10 Most WWE Wrestler Physiques From Outside Of WWE

9. Joe Hendry


Diving into the indies for the next pick, Joe Hendry is a wrestler who has been tearing it up in the UK independent circuit for years. He has wrestled for a number of promotions including, you guessed, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling and latterly Defiant. Since then, he has journeyed across the ocean to the shores of America and currently wrestles for Ring of Honor.

Hendry measures up at 6'2", making him an imposing figure. And while his weight may be on the light heavyweight side at 229 pounds, his body is shaped to near wrestling perfection. Throw in his ring style and he would take to the WWE image like a fish to water. If he ever got that call from Stamford, Connecticut, it certainly would not come as shock.

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Joe Hendry
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