10 New Directions For WWE After Clash Of Champions 2019

Women taking centre stage, "Brothers" reunited and Seth kissing his baby goodbye?

Becky Lynch Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks is the most high-profile WWE's female division has been since Ronda Rousey was around. Fact.

Their match at Clash Of Champions finally felt like something to be proud of rather than another time-killing exercise for 'The Man'. When Becky is in there with a motivated, credible challenger who could believably beat her, she's one of the best on the roster. When she's not, she drops to the same level of wishy-washy booking WWE's other women suffer from.

Now, Lynch can look forward to another corker with Banks (only this time inside one of wrestling's still-proud structures). Prepare for war, people, because women are about to take centre stage again, and Sasha will deliver a blistering 'Chapter 2' that'll make Andy Muschietti's recent slice of IT horror look like an episode of Goosebumps.

Staying with that horror theme, Bray Wyatt's last-minute attack on Seth Rollins at Clash hinted at what's to come in the Universal scene too. That's what this article is all about. It's designed to play detective and analyse all WWE's new directions coming out of Sunday's pay-per-view...

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