10 New Directions For WWE After SummerSlam 2016

9. Stephanie Back In The Spotlight

We had a two-for-the-price-of-one deal at SummerSlam this year; the obligatory backstage celebrity segment was rolled into one with the customary Stephanie McMahon ego boost as she gave Jon Stewart a piece of her mind.

While this may have simply been a random moment to afford Stewart some extra air time, the blatant emphasis placed on Stephanie’s “what use is power if you can’t abuse it?” line suggested that there’s likely a little more to this.

Since the Draft, there’s almost been an expectation that we’d soon see some kind of power struggle at the top of the Raw brand, not least because of the obvious face versus heel dynamic of Steph and Mick Foley in power. So far they’ve seemingly held off on that, but judging by this interaction it may not be long before Stephanie and her scheming ways are back in the spotlight on Raw.

It may not necessarily be a completely new direction (nor might it be all that welcome) but it could be intriguing given the dichotomy of Stephanie McMahon’s influence against that of Mick Foley.


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