10 New Directions For WWE After WrestleMania 39 (Night 2)

9. Drew McIntyre Taking Time Off?

Cody Rhodes WWE Title Money In The Bank

There's a question mark next to that entry title 'cause no-one's really sure what's about to happen with one Drew McIntyre. His WWE contract is expiring, and the battle-weary ex-World Champ might fancy chilling with his wife and cats back home for a while before deciding his next move.

It does seem poignant that Drew ate the deciding fall at 'Mania, and he has posted some waving emojis on his official Twitter since the pay-per-view finished. Is that so long for now or goodbye forever though? That's what fans want to know, and nobody really has any definitive answers.

WWE will want to keep McIntyre, that's for sure. He's far too valuable to give up in 2023, and likely has another top line run or two left in him (not to mention a heel turn). Fingers crossed his emojis signify a well-earned holiday rather than something more.

Let those 'Drew McIntyre debuting at AEW Double Or Nothing' rumours commence. Obviously.


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