10 NXT Stars Who Desperately Need Main WWE Roster Call-Up

It's time for the stars of tomorrow to become the stars of today.

Carmelo Hayes

NXT has been on quite the rollercoaster over the last 18 months. After getting a new lick of multicoloured paint, WWE’s developmental brand changed its way from household names to college stars for the future.

Under the old regime of Vince McMahon, this was a sustainable system in creating the company's next World Champions, but since Triple H has taken charge of creative it looks like NXT might be reverting back to its old habits of indie darlings and well-known faces.

While the year-long project of NXT 2.0 has ultimately died, it did throw up names that are suited for the future of the business. Some of these names lived the black and gold era before the bright lights of 2.0, while others were discovered in the past 12 months.

However, as NXT looks to be changing yet again, now could be used as a suitable time to have a clear out of NXT personnel and project several talents to the promised lands of Raw and SmackDown.

Despite NXT call-ups having a bad track record, under a new system headed by Triple H, these names could enjoy success on the sought-after main roster.

10. Alba Fyre

Carmelo Hayes

Having already held the NXT UK Women's Championship, the former Kay Lee Ray has been a victim of the 2.0 era.

Previously, the Scot had bundles of momentum and was being conditioned to be one of the future stars of the company, but since the revamp, she has struggled to rediscover that stardom. While Alba Fyre has featured in prominent roles in the past year - being part of the winning women's WarGames match last December as well as enjoying success in the Dusty Cup with the then-Io Shirai - she hasn't had that same energy that she did prior to the rebrand.

With that being said, Alba is currently locking horns with Mandy Rose in a feud that will ultimately culminate at Halloween Havoc, and after that could be the right time to give her the much deserved call-up. There will be nothing left in NXT for Alba if she fails to beat Mandy, so the time would be right to finally pull the trigger on a main roster move.

With Halloween Havoc being at the end of October, the calendar perfectly aligns for Alba to get called to Raw to be Damage CTRL's fourth member for their inevitable WarGames match with Bianca Belair and friends in November.


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