10 NXT Stars Who Desperately Need Main WWE Roster Call-Up

9. Wes Lee

Carmelo Hayes

Poor Wes Lee.

Last year, he was part of the hugely popular MSK but, due to things out of Lee's control, he was forced to go solo.

However, to WWE's credit, Wes has featured a lot on NXT TV over the last six months. Matches with the likes of Sanga, Trick Williams and JD McDonagh have kept Lee relevant, but he is beginning to fall stale. He is set to compete for the North American Championship at Halloween Havoc, but failure in that could spell the end for his run in developmental.

While Lee is a talented performer, World Championships seems an unlikely future for him, but he could easily be positioned in a Ricochet-esque spot on Raw. The former Rascal could pull out bangers with the likes of AJ Styles and Johnny Gargano, and possibly even have a run with the US Title.

Even putting Lee in a tag team would be a great use of his talents. He already has history with his "Shaman" Matt Riddle, so them running it back and going after The Usos would make for great TV, especially when Randy Orton returns, but that is just fantasy booking at this point.


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