10 Potential WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Opponents For Goldberg

10. Dolph Ziggler

Goldberg Dolph Ziggler

Or, well...this.

It'd be the laziest option open to WWE, but there's nothing stopping them from booking a rematch between Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler. The "it should've been me" spiel Dolph was pushing last summer has faded, but he's still relevant thanks to association with 'King' Corbin and could bump around for Bill better than most.

If Saudi's money men only want to see Goldberg on the card and don't care about match quality, then this would be the easy road to take. Seeing a former WCW icon run through his greatest hits against Ziggler would pop some in the crowd, and it's not as though SummerSlam 2019's squash was that bad.

The main issue here is that it feels stale. On the plus side, it worked before and these Saudi Arabian shows exist on the very outskirts of WWE programming anyway. Complaints would hardly flood in from all corners of the globe if Goldberg vs. Ziggler II happened.

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