10 Potentially Invalid Reasons You Still Watch WWE

8. 24/7 Access To The Talent

Bobby Lashley Goldberg

Sometimes an injury or a kayfabe absence makes the heart grow fonder, but WWE keeps its talent around constantly, so you normalise it as them being essentially ever present.

A tactic WWE has neglected in recent years has been taking talent off the program for small periods during the year through storylines. The decision to take talent off TV allows for the characters to breathe while remaining out of the public eye, giving fans a chance to miss the act so that when they return they have an impactful presence. It allows other members of the roster to grow and develop each of their own stories and further their characters.

The current method for WWE is to have the talent roster plastered over as much of their product as possible at all times. On the surface this makes sense, but fans can grow tired of certain acts, regardless of how they are performing. It's baffling that given the sheer depth of the roster you would think WWE would take this approach more often to preserve talent health too.

Between television, online streaming, and individual character and personal social media profiles, fans have access 24/7 to their favourite superstars. They're running the risk of talent being overexposed and this can result in fans becoming more attached to the person behind the character than the character themselves.

Did you really value Lana for her ring work or did you appreciate her drive and determination as a person on social media? There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but perhaps reflecting on what it is you are actually investing in might be the way to go.


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