10 Quick Fixes That Would Have Improved WWE Payback 2016

9. Stop Talking About The "New Era"

roman reigns aj styles

The WWE heavily pushed the fact that the company is entering a "New Era", though largely failed to disclose exactly what this meant.

Sure, it's probably meant to relate to the current Shane-Stephanie Raw power struggle, but considering that this storyline will eventually play itself out, it seems fairly short-sighted to place so much import on its shoulders.

In reality, the New Era is just an attempt to fashionably re-brand the company, but in honesty, does anyone really care? When Payback featured the same dodgy 50/50 booking and shock value for its own sake as WrestleMania, does it really feel like a new era?

We could've done without it, frankly, as it added nothing to the PPV more than an irritating buzzword catchphrase.


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