10 Quick Fixes That Would Have Improved WWE Payback 2016

8. Have Charlotte Win Clean For Once

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While at least Charlotte didn't win because of straight-up interference from Ric Flair at Payback, we got something much, much worse: the Montreal Screwjob was recreated in Chicago, with Natalya losing to the Sharpshooter despite not tapping out.

The booking makes no sense other than to make light of Bret Hart's presence at ringside, when to be honest, wouldn't it have been a perfect opportunity to actually have Charlotte go over clean for once?

We know that Charlotte probably won't be ever dropping the title to Natalya, so why not give her a little boost of credibility with a decisive, clean win?

Instead we got another eye-rolling finish that totally undermined any talent Charlotte may actually have. Terrible.


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