10 Radical Ideas To Save WrestleMania 32

10. The Pre-Show

Despite the unusual number of multi-man factions in WWE at present, the tag team division doesn€™t really exist. The tag team champions are The New Day, a three-man heel stable operating under the Freebird Rule. The only genuine tag teams on the active main roster are the Ascension and Los Matadores (lower card jobbers), the Usos and the Dudleyz. That presents us with a problem when pulling together a tag team championship match for Wrestlemania 32€™s pre-show. Last year saw a fatal four-way for the title involving the New Day, Los Matadores, Cesaro & Kidd and the Usos. This year it would seem that the running is nearly identical: only the Usos and the recently returned Dudley Boyz are in position to challenge for the titles, and we€™ve already seen every possible version of those matches in the last year or so. Since the participants are more familiar than a black cat on a broomstick, we€™ll need a gimmick. TLC wasn€™t long ago, and tables and ladders have been overused lately€ let€™s make it a tag team elimination match, with any one wrestler able to tag any other wrestler in. No one really minds who goes over, but it should probably not be the Dudleyz. Adding the third annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal to the pre-show only makes sense. Since it€™s been established that this match only exists to give the lower card a spot on the lower card, and that the winner will be irrelevant about ten minutes later, it€™s exactly the kind of meaningless accolade that can and should be won by Sheamus. He€™s in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel, hitting theatres two months after Wrestlemania, so the win keeps him in a prominent place on the card for publicity purposes, even if they€™re not doing much with him otherwise. Finally, I think the pre-show should also incorporate a feud between main roster Divas who aren€™t currently in the title hunt. Let€™s see Paige and Becky Lynch tearing it up in a ten-minute, stiff riot of a match between battle-scarred veterans.

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