10 Reasons AEW Fans Should Be Worried

9. The Hardy Boys

Eddie Kingston CM Punk AEW Rampage

The Hardy Boys are Tony Khan’s latest shiny new toys and, as such, are all over AEW programming right now. Sadly, the amount ring time they’re getting has badly exposed them as shadows of their former selves. There’s no shame in it; its just that their hard bumping, high flying style has finally caught up to them.

Fans were incensed by WWE’s treatment of Jeff in his last run there. People want to receive him as a legend. Instead he was reduced to near jobber status and caught up in 24/7 Title nonsense. AEW by contrast would have you believe The Hardys are still a top team, capable of besting The Young Bucks on PPV.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. The Hardy Boys should be midcard gatekeepers, using their legendary status to put over up and coming tag teams in occasional, short TV bouts. Something similar to Dustin Rhodes' role makes sense, though actually the older Rhodes is in better physical shape than Matt and Jeff.

As great as they once were there’s no point pretending the Hardys are still as good as ever. AEW has previously done a good job of using veterans in a way that serves the product and preserves some of the star’s mystique despite their ageing body. Just look at Sting!

The Hardy Boys are coasting on their legacy and taking up spots that could go to younger talent. It doesn’t do them or AEW any favours. Hopefully this doesn’t set a precendent for the use of legends going forward.


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