10 Reasons Roman Reigns Won At WWE Fastlane 2016

10. A Company Creation

When it comes to his franchise stars, Vince McMahon takes great pride in being the one who makes them. The less background, the better, as that makes a wrestler completely adaptable to the WWE way. McMahon can then make wrestlers to his preferences, and take the credit when the superstar makes it big. It is the reason why the likes of Goldberg never really got a chance when featuring for WWE in 2003, as McMahon just wasn't comfortable with a success that wasn't his own. Instead, he loves wrestlers like John Cena, who only had brief experience before WWE. McMahon had him developed to wrestle the WWE way, then pushed the story and character to his personal taste. Reigns is very much the same. Vince has been able to get him to work a traditional WWE style, he's been able to create the typical story and character (Hogan, Cena mould) that he likes so much. For Vince, that's preferable to an Ambrose or any other well travelled wrestler. He loves Reigns because he truly is a WWE creation, one of the few right now who made it big without an indy cred.
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