10 Reasons WCW Spring Stampede 2000 Was Wrestling’s Most Over-Booked PPV Ever

Vince Russo booking at its finest...

By the year 2000, World Championship Wrestling was in a state of clear disarray. Booking was all over the place, and there didn't seem to be any clear strategy for biting back at Vince McMahon's WWF and reclaiming the top spot in North American pro wrestling. Panicking, management attempted to shake things up once more in the Spring.

The general idea was sound, bring both Vince Russo (who had worked wonders for the WWF during the beginning of the 'Attitude Era') and Eric Bischoff (who had turned WCW around in the first place) together. As a unit, surely they'd be able to improve things and make the promotion a powerhouse again.

Pushing the reset button, Bischoff and Russo decided that they needed a clean slate to work with. Most pre-existing storylines and feuds were pretty much abandoned, and the titles were stripped from each reigning champion. The mantra was clear, Spring Stampede 2000 would mark a new beginning for the directionless organisation.

What followed was a card so stacked full of writing that it deserved a volume of books to accompany it. Spring Stampede featured - amongst other things - 2 title tournaments, interference galore, a 'celebrity' match, a Hardcore Title brawl and even a swerve heel turn in the main event. 

It was an overbooked mess, and here's why...


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