10 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Is ‘Best For Business’

Love him or hate him, Joe Anoa’i is definitely going places in the WWE.

Love him or hate him, Joe Anoa€™i, AKA Roman Reigns, is definitely going places in the WWE. After gaining a decisive victory at the 2015 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns stands poised to meet Brock Lesnar in a big money WrestleMania Championship match, a match that WWE bigwigs are obviously hoping will make Reigns the next face of the company. The fan reaction to Reigns€™ imminent ascension has been resoundingly negative, which is odd when one stops to think just how over he was as a member of The Shield. To some degree, the fan hate is understandable. Reigns is seen by many as a failed football player who exploited his family ties in order to break into the wrestling business at the top level (or was that The Rock?). Anyway, Reigns€™ promotion over tried-and-true indie warhorses like former stablemates Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins has many fans up in arms. However, those fans are missing out on the big picture. See, ultimately, wrestling is a BUSINESS and, as such it exists to make MONEY €“ and, if they push him right, the WWE can make more money out of Roman Reigns than they ever could from either Ambrose or Rollins, or pretty much anybody else on the roster for that matter. You may hate Reigns, which is absolutely your right, but if you do, why not read these ten reasons why anointing Reigns as the WWE€™s next top guy is actually a pretty shrewd business move and then see if you still feel the same way afterwards?
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