10 Reasons Why WWE Needs To Burn Raw Down And Start Again

9. The Sucess Of SmackDown

Randy Orton match Raw

This isn’t something that is directly tied to Raw, but it still serves as the perfect indicator of Raw’s desperate need to start over. Both of WWE’s main roster shows are overseen by the same man, Bruce Prichard. This begs the question why is one smashing it out of the park and the other shooting itself in the foot?

The gap is apparent in every corresponding aspect of the two shows, the most pertinent of which is storytelling. SmackDown's main storylines, such as the Tribal Chief takeover or Big E's rise have progressed steadily from point A to B to C. Every new chapter has furthered the plot in a logical manner, explaining character motivations and giving the audience plenty of reasons to invest.

Over on the red side, it has been a different story. The Miz-McIntyre thing has been lumbering on without real justification, Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt has been a case of 2 + 2 = potato, the list just goes on.

Is SmackDown being planned in a different way? Are there slight differences in who the two shows are targeting? Does Vince only bother to play a part in Raw’s production? Whatever it is, SmackDown works, as proven by its relative ratings hauls, and Raw doesn’t.

As the same people are in charge of both, it’s a clear sign that they need to stop doing whatever it is they are doing with the red brand, and simply start replicating the strategies used for the blue.


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