10 Reasons WWE Cares So Much About Tag Team Wrestling Again

9. Everything Else The Company Pushes Seems To Be Taking Longer To Catch On, So Why Not

Cesaro as a main eventer? Well, he's no longer a Paul Heyman Guy and the new #1 contender for the United States Championship, so...no. Dean Ambrose as a new top-tier guy? Sure, it's working, but he has a WWE Films project soon, so he'll be gone for a bit. As well, let's remember the Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel era, the WWE Network will swiftly attain one million subscribers era, and so many other wild (and promising) WWE ideas have fallen short in the past year. The idea that on every WWE program that there will be one tag-team wrestling match that isn't embarrassing is something that WWE has absolutely been able to deliver on as of late. In this being the case, giving the idea greater room to evolve is absolutely deserved.
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