10 Reasons You Should Give WWE NXT Another Chance

9. There Is High Flying Madness

Carmelo Hayes

NXT has always prided itself on high flyers and gravity-defying feats of sports entertainment. Whether it's Justin Gabriel, the now PJ-Black in season one, or Ricochet in 2018, you've always had to fix your eyes to the skies on the developmental brand and the current landscape is no different.

The most notable name under this umbrella is Wes Lee. His athleticism and pace in the ring makes Wes one of the best performers in the NXT ranks and his historic North American title reign says no different. His work since going solo has been, at times, unmissable and alone is a big part of why NXT is so good as of late. Another of these reasons is his surname counterpart, Dragon Lee. The luchador has had a rollercoaster start to life in WWE's developmental but shines everytime he's given the opportunity. His recent program with Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio shows what a star Dragon can become if given the chance.

Furthermore, the welcomed return of the Heritage Cup, a staple of the later days of NXT UK, has provided a platform for performers like Nathan Frazer, Noam Dar and Oro Mensah to showcase their athletic prowess. Dedicating a section of TV time every week to these guys has really helped cement high flyers as a crucial part of NXT over the last few months. Hopefully, with the future inclusions of Axiom, SCRYPTS, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, this well-booked division can continue to grow and become even better than it already is.

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