10 Recent Wrestler Pitches WWE Turned Down

7. Bray & Bo Wyatt

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Reaching a little bit further into the past with this one, but it wouldn't be a great shock if this particular idea was pitched on a weekly basis until Bo Dallas was released in April of this year. How did this not happen? On the one hand you have sweet, innocent Bo Dallas, a man with a face that positively screams 'naive and easily manipulated.' On the other, you have Bray Wyatt, a performer whose entire gimmick is focused on manipulating people. The two are real-life brothers whose careers have gone in opposite directions. Sometimes, even in pro wrestling, two plus two equals four.

The WWE creative team didn't see it that way, despite the frequent pleas of Arn Anderson. The Enforcer revealed not too long ago that he pitched the idea of the brothers coming together following an attack by Harper and Rowan on Irwin R. Schyster. The taxman would be involved purely to confirm the familial link for those who don't know, and the rest writes itself.

Of course, having Bray manipulate sweet Bo into his dastardly gang of misfits would have been the obvious pitch, but you'd have to assume that that was made many times. Bo Dallas being brainwashed by the Wyatt Family was the lowest-hanging piece of fruit, yet WWE decided not to do it. Your guess is as good as mine.

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