10 Recent Wrestling Moments That Shook The World

9. The Rock No-Shows The Road To WrestleMania

Mandy Rose

Finally! The Rock has... not come back. And it looks like he was never really going to despite a year's worth of rumours suggesting The Great One was gearing up to battle against his Bloodline family member.

On the back of the latest reports stating that the Hollywood megastar felt he wouldn't actually have time to get into Tribal Chief fighting shape before the upcoming Show of Shows, those long-rumoured plans of a Rocky WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles seemed to have been definitively scrapped on the night of the Royal Rumble.

Instead of The People's Champion running out as a surprise Rumble entrant and dumping the rest of the field over-the-top-rope, or Dwayne Johnson arriving to close out the show opposite Roman Reigns as the pair stared at the 'Mania sign hanging high in the air, many were disappointed to find that none of that occurred at this year's event.

But that's not necessarily an entirely terrible thing.

It looks like The Rock just couldn't find the time. Yet, the door is still always open for one last match, and his missing of this year's 'Mania thankfully set the stage for something else that shook the whole damn planet anyway...


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