10 Shocking Behind The Scenes Stories WCW Didn’t Want You To Know

The wildest backstage WCW stories on Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Sting and more.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan Scott Hall WCW Knife

WCW was rarely well-organised.

Listen to any of Eric Bischoff's rants on his stunning '83 Weeks' podcast and you'll find a man who knew he was constantly fighting the whims of suits at Ted Turner's head offices. Ted himself might've adored pro wrestling, but many of his employees thought it was daft, and they wanted WCW to sod right off.

Eventually, they'd get their wish. Before that though, Bischoff turned WCW into a WWF-beater that proudly sat atop the wrestling mountain in North America. Stars like Sting, the nWo and more became household names thanks to Eric's vision, and that may have continued had the place not been riddled with silly backstage dramas.

Honestly, there's enough behind the scenes bullsh*t from WCW's shelf life that it'd be impossible to cover it all in one article. So, the focus here is on those stories that company top brass didn't want fans to know - a lot of folks would also be totally embarrassed by most of it today.

These stories are shocking, chaotic and lay bare the remarkable place that WCW was. Prepare for knives, stalkers, petty creative squabbles, drugs and more...

10. Chris Jericho Calls Out Scott Hall

Hollywood Hulk Hogan Scott Hall WCW Knife

First up, it's Chris Jericho.

Back in the 90s, Jericho was a starving artist type struggling to break free of WCW's midcard pack. He didn't shy away from his thoughts on the company in his first autobiography either, and that's where this stunning backstage story comes from.

According to Chris, it wasn't uncommon for Scott Hall to needle him (and others) in the locker room. The nWo star was already known for his ribbing ways by that point, but it got out of hand when he told Jericho that nobody had paid to see him. After further comments, Scott Norton told Chris he had to stand up for himself.

Jericho waited until Hall tried to publicly roast him again and spoke up with a warning. "Don't f*cking talk to me like that again", he said. Amazingly, Hall backed down and that was that. It wouldn't have been a good look for WCW had things gone south, or Jericho had knocked Hall out.


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