10 Smartest Decisions In Wrestling History

Ruthless Aggression.


Vince McMahon looked at Steve Austin and saw a good, technical hand.

Vince McMahon looked at The Rock and saw a glad-handing, all-smiles babyface. Vince McMahon knocked back what eventually evolved into Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart at WrestleMania X because "brothers don't fight". Vince McMahon thought the Royal Rumble was a "stupid" idea. Vince McMahon originally wanted to call WrestleMania 'The Colossal Tussle'. Vince McMahon thought, at various points, that it was a good idea to promote fatalistic garbage men, magicians, race car drivers, evil dentists, minotaur descendants, plumbers, demented monks, incestuous siblings, repo men who were the criminals, too, evil hockey players...

Vince McMahon isn't creative: he is a calculating monster of a businessman.

Even now, when he's so clueless as to how to tell a story that he has left creative in the hands of an old enemy, he remains a ruthless genius. Opposing AEW's weekly TV show with a live, revamped NXT is a tremendous idea: he is creating a civil splinter war within the forces rebelling against the main roster product. The reported attempt to purchase FITE TV is another masterstroke, in that Vince might yet cut off vital supplies to the competition.

They are all pages from his adaptation of the Art of War...


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