10 Things That’d RUIN WWE’s 2024

Babyface flops, egos running wild backstage and WWE trolling AEW? Hopefully not!

CM Punk Triple H WWE AEW

We're already around halfway through 2024 and things have been quiet.

That's a joke, obviously. WWE has announced a jump to Netflix, Vince McMahon stands accused of some seriously horrible things, WrestleMania season was awesome, Cody Rhodes finished his story, and new Bloodline members are popping up. It's an interesting time to be a pro wrestling fan, put it that way.

What does the second half of the year have in store then? Things could continue being newsworthy and thrilling, or they could become memorable for the wrong reasons. Think of this as an offshoot of the usual "nightmares" stuff - it's along the same lines though, and focuses on all the things that'd ruin the rest of 2024.

Top stars could return for flopping babyface runs (again!), egos might get out of control behind the curtain, and one champion-to-be may find it difficult to resist trolling AEW, Tony Khan and The Young Bucks when he wins the belt. Let's be honest, the wrestler in question has history when it comes to running his mouth, so anything is possible!

Fingers crossed Triple H doesn't have to deal with any of this.

10. They Go All In With Goofy Royalty

CM Punk Triple H WWE AEW

King & Queen Of The Ring looms, so hopefully WWE's creative team has some solid winners in mind. They better, because these revamped tournaments (one old and one fairly new) should help set up top title contenders for the summer. That's surely the plan. They...they wouldn't dip into the archives and get goofy again, would they?

Oh God, would they?!

Booker T's lively run as 'King' was an anomaly. Most others in the modern era tasked with going comedic or silly with the royal gimmick have died on their arse; 'King' Sheamus was crummy, 'King' Barrett even worse, and the less said about 'Queen' Zelina the better. None of those worked. Lesson learned (hopefully).

Fans don't need to see workers don the crown, robe and sceptre after winning either tourney. They really, really don't. Simply being cast as the best current wrestler in the promotion is enough. Keep all the goofy stuff at arm's length, please. It isn't necessary.


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