10 Things WCW Ripped Off

Sounds like 'Teen Spirit'...


WCW was a curious beast, creatively speaking. For every rock-solid midcard worker and cruiserweight clinic, there was a gimmick or match stipulation so peculiar or ill-conceived it's difficult to imagine the creative process that could possibly have resulted in such bizarreness.

Craziness accelerated as the Monday Night Wars created a desperate need for the next big thing. Handfuls of creative potpourri were hurled at the ring to see what stuck. Some of them were hits, like musclebound monster Goldberg racking up an improbable winning streak. Others were, with the best will in the world, less successful, with the Dungeon of Doom acting as poster boys for creative feculence that later encompassed Things On A Pole matches and non-wrestlers becoming world champion.

One thing WCW loved to do was steal. Ripping off pop culture, film and television was a fertile source of new gimmicks for the promotion, but above all WCW loved half-inching what the WWE was doing. A good proportion of everything WCW did was lifted wholesale from somewhere else, with its serial numbers filed off and a new coat of paint.

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