10 Things We Learned From Adam Cole On Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions Podcast

9. Key WWE Friendships Remain

Adam Cole Renee Paquette Oral Sessions

Paquette was keen to know early on whether or not Cole still talks to old pals in WWE. He does, but such friendships extend to key figures of company management too. In fact, Adam says he "gets the impression" from Triple H and Shawn Michaels that their positive relationships will last forever.

He was mega-tight with both.

Hunter knew what Adam wanted from his pro wrestling career; at this point, Cole hinted that he wouldn't have had that on either Raw or SmackDown. He didn't outright say that (more on this in the next entry), but there's a sense that he knows it would've been a battle to enjoy the same freedom he did on NXT.

Michaels also wanted Cole to stay put in WWE, but both old DX warhorses only wanted their friend to be happy. Adam told Renee that there's no bad blood between any of them now he's in AEW. He still talks to his mentors.

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