10 Things We Learned From Becky Lynch On Edge & Christian’s Podcast

1. A TMZ Interview P*ssed Her Off

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

By the time Evolution rolled around, Becky Lynch was arguably the hottest act in WWE. Fans greeted her like the second coming whenever she appeared for a match or promo and there was no stopping her heading into the first ever all-female pay-per-view.

Interviews around that time gushed over the event, and rightfully so. The only exception to this love-in was the celeb-obsessed TMZ.

Becky told Edge and Christian how a reporter asked, with a straight face, if she really believed Evolution would sell enough tickets or if anyone would actually care about an all-female show. Refusing to lose her cool even when she was secretly seething, Lynch innocently asked if the person watched WWE at all.

Charlotte Flair and herself had one of the best feuds going at the time, and she was proud of the fact things had progressed to the point of an all-women's supershow. It can't have been easy for Becky not to go all David Schultz and slap the taste of the journalist's mouth.

What else did you learn from Becky Lynch on the Edge & Christian podcast? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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