10 Things We Learned From Becky Lynch On Edge & Christian’s Podcast

2. Edge Realised 'Within Five Seconds' He Couldn't Get Becky Booed

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SmackDown 1000 was hardly the most memorable show from a nostalgia point of view. When WWE called him up about appearing, Edge agreed to do so under one condition: he got to work with Becky Lynch, and he was able to further someone's career rather than showing up for retro-fuelled sh*ts and giggles.

WWE gave the legend what he wanted, and the 'Cutting Edge' segment was set. It's one both parties admit on the podcast they were looking forward to, and Edge claims he was rather confident he could help Lynch get some boos from a crowd who viewed her as an unsung heroine.

He was wrong, oh so wrong.

Within the first five seconds of the promo starting, Edge realised he had no chance of pouring scathing heat all over someone so clearly popular. Afterwards, Edge told WWE staff of his problem, and they agreed that casting Becky as a traditional heel wasn't going to work going forward.

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