10 Things We Learned From Brodie Lee On Talk Is Jericho

AEW's new signing talks WWE, Bludgeon Brothers, The Wyatt Family and more.

Brodie Lee was working out at the gym and looking forward to a memorable AEW debut in his native Rochester, New York when the news broke.

Suddenly, everything changed. The President's speech about worldwide health scares and news that Tom Hanks had been diagnosed with 'the virus' meant that Dynamite in NY was scrapped and Brodie would be debuting in front of an empty arena.

That was just one of the subjects broached during Lee's appearance on 'Talk Is Jericho'. He and host Chris Jericho spent just over a full hour talking about Brodie's AEW plans, his WWE departure, his thoughts on Vince McMahon's way of handling things and more. It was a quite brilliant complement to last week's interview with fellow All Elite debutant Matt Hardy.

Lee is a laid-back, gentlemanly sort. He was never going to blast a hole right through the bow of WWE's ship with some scathing post-release shoot interview - that's not his style, but the former Luke Harper did have some things to get off his chest about what his life was like pre-AEW.

Here's everything you need to know...


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