10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: The Double Life Of Chris Kanyon

VICE examines another tortured soul, albeit one who had a major influence on AEW.

Chris Kanyon Dark Side Of The Ring

This week's 'Dark Side Of The Ring' generate the same kind of reaction that followed WWE's 'Plane Ride From Hell' episode. It can't, and VICE won't even try. Instead, their follow-up edition was a depressing look at repressed sexuality, hidden fears, violent relationships and long-lasting influence that's still being felt today.

The fact they can cover that kind of ground in one hour is remarkable.

Chris Kanyon never reached his potential. There are various reasons for that - WCW was a mess by the time he really came into his own, and his WWE run was always marked with the stench of failure due to his part in the botched Alliance/Invasion story. After that, well, things got bleak. Real bleak.

VICE enlisted talking heads who knew Kanyon better than most. The likes of James Mitchell, DDP and The Young Bucks held nothing back as they spoke of someone ultra-talented who just never felt comfortable in his skin. Arguably, pro wrestling wouldn't let him, but some don't believe blaming the biz for Kanyon's woes and eventual suicide is totally fair.

Strap in for another topsy-turvy ride through wrestling's despair.

10. He Was Trained By The Fabulous Moolah

Chris Kanyon Dark Side Of The Ring
True Champions, Real Women.

Consider this an unexpected start.

Kanyon asked good pal (and manager) James Mitchell to help find a trainer who could help him break into the wrestling business. Mitchell went to The Fabulous Moolah, of all people, and had to work pretty hard to convince her that training a dude was something she should consider.

Chris wasn't bothered by Moolah's gender, or the fact that she almost exclusively trained women. He knew she had knowledge, and he wanted it. Kanyon quickly changed his mind once he started running drills and working small spot shows opposite Moolah's friend Mae Young though. Why? Well, Mae beat the living sh*t out of him.

Mitchell recalled on the doc how Kanyon would come to him after these matches and ask why Mae was "shooting" on him. He definitely thought she was taking liberties, but James told him Young was just old school and advised he ride it out.

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