10 Things We Learned From Jon Moxley's WWE Shoot On Talk Is Jericho

8. He Made $500 For The Shield's Final Chapter

The Shield Final Chapter

It's been over a month now since Jon Moxley's last wrestling match. That happened on 21 April at a special house show presentation WWE dubbed 'The Shield's Final Chapter'. There, as Dean Ambrose, he teamed with old Shield mates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

Here's hoping Moxley didn't offer to take everyone out for a steak dinner afterwards.

Incredibly, his payoff for the night was a paltry $500. Think about that for a second. As Ambrose, the guy was one third of the group that show was named after, and this was supposed to be The Shield's going away party before he left WWE. All he got was an indy-level wage some mid-level freelancers would be insulted by.

To be fair, Moxley didn't bitch and complain much about this. He was so dreadfully depressed by life in the company that he could only focus on getting the hell out. Money, in the end, wasn't what really bothered him about WWE.

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