10 Things We Learned From Jon Moxley's WWE Shoot On Talk Is Jericho

7. Jon Was Furious At His Inoculations Promo

Dean Ambrose Inoculations

It was having to cut promos like this that broke his spirit.

Watch the linked YouTube clip and pay close attention to Moxley's face. His dead eyes and little chuckles at inopportune moments reveal just how little he was enjoying playing the Dean Ambrose character by that point. On the 26 November 2018 Raw, after receiving a shot in the ass from a phoney doc, Jon was done.

He'd been fighting the ins and outs of the promo all day, and it was wearying. Vince McMahon, who didn't see any problems, waved off claims from his wrestler that the serious tone of the skit would be scuppered by one comedic injections to his arse. That senseless need to inject (ahem) comedy was the final straw for Moxley.

On the podcast, he told Jericho how he found a quiet place in that night's venue to sit and seethe about the promo's content. Staring at the sheet of paper blankly, he couldn't fathom why he was being asked to use toilet humour for the sake of it.

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