10 Things We Learned From Roman Reigns On WWE’s After The Bell

Hard work? Check. Laying down the gauntlet to WWE's locker room? Check...


"It's every day, all day. You don't turn it off - you're that guy, and it has to be that way".

Roman Reigns wasn't up for pandering to the whole 'everyone can be great' motivational speech stuff when talking to Corey Graves on WWE's 'After The Bell' podcast. Instead, the reigning Universal Champion expressed concern for the promotion's future if some fresh faces just want to sit around the locker room bitching and moaning rather than taking their opportunities.

This, on the surface, was a gentle chat about Roman's experiences watching WWE from his couch for most of the year, but it ended up being quite the warning shot to those who think they're gonna' replace him someday. Throughout the chat, Graves seemed comfortably impressed with someone he's known for many years.

Both men talked retirement, WrestleMania 36, cancer, comebacks, heel turns, faking it and family. They covered a lot of ground in 40 short minutes, and it wasn't lost on Reigns that he was speaking via Zoom from his own personal cinema. Hard work earned him that kind of luxury.

Here's everything else we learned from ATB's latest...

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