10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bobby Fish

8. He Regularly Teamed With Eddie Edwards

Bobby Fish NXT

Both Bobby Fish and Eddie Edwards have had singles success, but they're known primarily as tag team wrestlers. Fish formed reDRagon with Kyle O'Reilly, while Edwards and Davey Richards make up The American Wolves. Years before either of those two teams existed, though, Fish and Edwards tagged regularly.

The two first partnered up in ROH in late 2007, but their association would soon go global. They wrestled a series of matches in the UK's All Star Wrestling promotion in 2008, then became a regular act in Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH. In 2010, the pair made it to the semifinals of a tournament to crown new GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

Even after Fish began tagging with O'Reilly and Edwards began tagging with Richards - and reDRagon and The American Wolves started facing off against one another - Fish and Edwards would still compete side by side in NOAH. Their last hurrah as a team came in 2013, when they participated in NOAH's Global Tag League tournament.

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