10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bobby Roode

1. Roode Attended RAW The Night Vince Bought WCW

Bobby Roode NXT 2.jpg

For many, Vince McMahon's purchase of World Championship Wrestling was the night that all hope for the future of professional wrestling as quality mass entertainment ended. 

Without competition, Vince and the WWF were essentially given free reign to do as they pleased, and the state of WWE today can be attributed to this in some respects.

Even so, almost all professional wrestlers involved in the business in America will know where they were when they found out that Vince had indeed purchased his biggest threat. 

Where was Bobby Roode on that fabled night, I hear you cry? Why, Bobby Roode was actaully at RAW. March 26, 2001 was the night, and RAW broadcast live from Cleveland, Ohio. 

This was in Roode's sphere of travel, so down he headed to perform in the dark match (he beat a guy called Larry Destiny, apparently). The rest (for both Roode and the WWF/E) is history.

Rumour has it that Roode also attended RAW (as a fan) the night after the Montreal Screwjob. As far as locations go, there was possibly no more exciting place to be on the two most important nights in modern professional wrestling history. 


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