10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bobby Roode

2. Curt Hennig Is His Wrestling Inspiration

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If you're looking for inspiration, where better to find it than in the image of perfection itself? Once the noise and colour of the most over-the-top superstars washes away, we are all left with our favourites as children. 

Personally speaking I was a huge Bret Hart fan as a kid, which eventually evolved into Dean Malenko being my number one guy as I grew older.

For Bobby Rude, it was 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig that opened his eyes ever wider to the wonders of professional wrestling. Hennig seems to be a performer whose influence is growing all of the time, and anyone who has seen Roode perform can see little callbacks to the Perfect One's style.

Arn Anderson and Rick Rude were also high on Bobby's list, and once more the influence of both is clear to see.

In many ways, such names can be seen as being part of the 'wrestler's wrestlers' group of influences, in the same way the superstar of the future may be taking more from the Daniel Bryans and Kevin Owens than they will the John Cenas and Roman Reigns of the world. 


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