10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bobby Roode

9. He Was Trained By Val Venis

Bobby Roode NXT 2.jpg

Roode's hometown is Peterborough, which can be found in Ontario, Canada. 

Ontario has produced a whole host of big name professional wrestlers, including Vampiro, Gail Kim, Edge, Christian, Lance Storm, Trish Stratus, Val Venis and more. Canada truly is a hotbed of professional wrestling talent. 

It is the final name from that above list who was responsible for training Bobby Roode. The two worked out at the same gym (is there a more generic way for two professional wrestlers to meet?). 

Strangely enough, this initial training didn't take place in an official school or in any official form at all.

Absolutely free of charge, Val taught Bobby Roode the absolute basics of professional wrestling. Val had a ring in his backyard (something I assume all Canadians have), and instead of putting Roode through a vigorous series of bumps and circuits, they focused more on locking up and the very basic stuff.

Val would eventually head off to work in Mexico, and Roode's training was picked up by Shane Sewell.


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