10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bobby Roode

8. He Almost Became A Corrections Officer


For us fans, it is easy to forget the struggle and the doubts that must plague anyone getting into the murky world of professional wrestling. For us, we watch the shows and new performers turn up all the time, seemingly coming from a mysterious conveyor belt of wrestlers.

But the struggle to get to that belt is real, and many often don't make it far before giving up.

Many also look into college options, and Roode was no different. He had no idea what he wanted to do, so he headed to the Community College in his hometown and enrolled in the Law & Security department, in order to become a Corrections Officer. 

After a year where he claims he felt like he was just a 'babysitter for bad people', Roode packed it in.He started wrestling instead, and the rest is history. 

Still, if NXT needed a nostalgic Big Boss Man-esque character, the story is there to be explored.


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