10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon

10. She Was Kissed By Eric Bischoff And Then It Was Completely Ignored And Never Mentioned Again

Stephanie was the babyface GM of Smackdown in late 2002 while Eric Bischoff was the heel GM of Raw. This was the first year of the brand extension when they did everything they could to make it seem like Raw hated Smackdown and vice versa. There was a rivalry there. On the Halloween edition of Smackdown in 2002, Stephanie was dressed like a witch in a cleavage enhanced dress. She has always been proud of her body especially in those days. Wrestlers were all dressed in different costumes and there was also somebody dressed in an outfit complete with a Vince McMahon mask. It was about Scott Steiner signing with either Raw or Smackdown and the guy in the mask said Steiner would sign with Raw. The mask was taken off to reveal Eric Bischoff. Stephanie tried to slap him, but he forced a kiss on her. At first she tried to fight it. Then she liked it. It was a 15 second kiss on her desk in the GM's office. The whole scene was creepy. Bischoff even kissed Linda McMahon on Raw at one point too. Anyway, the segment was completely ignored after that as if it never happened. You would think it would have been addressed and been a major storyline point, but they really didn't do anything with it. This was also a famous Smackdown episode because John Cena was dressed as Vanilla Ice and he started doing his rapper gimmick on this show.

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