10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Cody Rhodes

9. He Was Supposed To Win Money In The Bank TWICE!

Cody Rhodes Stardust

Cody's comments here should probably be taken with a pinch of Stardust, given he made them long before returning to WWE in 2022. But Rhodes has claimed that on consecutive years, WWE told him he was going to win Money in the Bank, only to change their mind on the day of the show.

2011 and 2012 were the years in question. Explaining the situation to journalist Alex McCarthy, then of talkSPORT, he called these decisions "life-changing", admitting that sometimes, his skin gets a little thin.

Said Cody:

“I’m so far removed now I can give you a little bit of detail on this, and I hold no grudges and I’m not sour over it. But the two years prior to that Money in the Bank [2013], I was told I was winning Money in the Bank. This is two years in a row. Two years in a row I was told in advance I was winning Money in the Bank and both times, it changed on the day. So, if you guys ever wonder why I get a little spicy every now and then – that’s a life-changing decision that you’re prepared for that then changes. You have to have very thick skin in wrestling sometimes, mine’s not that thick.”

2011 saw Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio claim the briefcases instead, with Dolph Ziggler and John Cena claiming the prizes the following year. In 2013, it was Cody's former tag team partner, Damian Sandow.

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