10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Sin Cara

9. THAT Debut

Sin Cara

This has been discussed recently - but it bears repeating. Cara was doomed from the very start, when he made his bow on the April 4, 2011 RAW to rescue Daniel Bryan from Sheamus' post-match assault.

Michael Cole on commentary went into hyperbolic overdrive as Cara emerged through the curtain. "There he is!" he bellowed. "We have been waiting for this man for a long time," he continued. That much was true. The Mistico signing was much heralded across the wrestling world. "Sin Cara - the international sensation - the Mexican high-flier!" he continued.

Cara did not live up to this lofty billing. He was due to leap majestically over the top rope by way of trampoline, which WWE had to quickly cut away from as he bounded down the aisle. The illusion of Cara as a man of otherworldly aerial ability had been by shattered within seconds - and Cara himself compounded the agony by failing to clear the top rope, falling gracelessly to the mat below.

Cole couldn't disguise the botch with a euphemism; "Oh man!" he winced, for once echoing the sentiments of the fans. The botch was catching; Cole, infected, then referred to Cara as "Cera" in a disastrous debut.


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