10 Things You Can Get Fined For In WWE

7. Touching The Crowd

Though it may not seem like a massive deal, according to Mark Henry, reaching out into the WWE audience can incur a pretty hefty fine.

During an appearance on Jay Mohr’s podcast, Mohr Stories, Henry revealed that the damage reaches into the high five figures. “We’re not allowed to put our hands on nobody,” he said. “$70,000 fine if you reach out into the crowd. You're going to get fined.”

That kind of money may seem fairly steep, but realistically the threat of a fine is likely there to be more of a preventative measure than anything else. Besides, the company actually overlooked a pretty severe incident of a wrestler “reaching into the crowd” back in October 2012, when a misunderstanding involving CM Punk saw him flat-out strike a fan in the closing moments of an episode of Raw.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, though, no action was taken against Punk off the back of the incident, so perhaps there’s a little leeway with this one.

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