10 Things You Can Get Fined For In WWE

6. Bleeding On The Mat

Triple H Kane Chair Shot

While we’ve already touched upon the fine for blading, it seems there’s also a fine for accidental bleeding and getting blood on the canvass via other means. In a 2015 AMA on reddit, Brodus Clay spoke about a time in which he craftily dove outside the ring to avoid having to surrender part of his pay-check.

The original incident took place at Extreme Rules 2011. There, Clay interfered in a ladder match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio, only to take a ladder to the face for his troubles before bailing out of the ring and bleeding all over the floor at ringside.

Clay later revealed that it had been a tactical decision to flee the ring and “save a dollar” as bleeding on the mat comes with a $3,000 fine.

Going by the numbers on highspots.com, a new mat for a 20x20 ring will set you back some $475—or chump change for a company like WWE—so the $3,000 fine is likely just another deterrent more than anything else.

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