10 Things You Didn't Know About Corey Graves

9. He Was 15 When He Got His First Tattoo

It wasn't only Corey Graves' professional wrestling career that began illegally, as the man got his first tattoo when he just 16. The age requirements for tattoos in the US mirror those of pro wrestling, as it is illegal under the age of 16 and many places refuse to work on anyone below 18, but once again Corey Graves managed to bypass this with the help of his parents.

The tattooing didn't begin because of parental connections though. Graves must have been an immensely persistent child as he was able to eventually convince his parents to allow him to get tattooed at the age of 15, by an apprentice no less. Graves decided to go for what he described as a 'safe' tattoo: a cross on his leg.

When he got his first tattoo he was the only one among his friends to get ink (obviously), but by the time his 18th birthday arrived it had become the social norm. Graves has stated that his only option was to 'get more tattoos', and at this point the idea of getting things with meaning was eschewed in favour of getting tattoos purely for their aesthetic value.

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