10 Things You Didn't Know About WCW In 2000

7. David Arquette Didn't Want To Be Champion

Ddp David Arquette Much has been written about WCW's maddening decision to place their top title on an average actor, but David Arquette does go down in history as a WCW World Champion. Winning the gold in a tag-team match, the decision was treated as a total surprise, and the theory was that putting the strap on a celebrity would draw more eyes to WCW. Unfortunately, all it did was drive loyal wrestling fans away. A fair portion of the core fan base simply couldn't stomach seeing a non-wrestler hold what had once been regarded as the best wrestling title in the industry, and decided to switch over, never returning. In fairness to Arquette, he thought the whole thing was a terrible idea. As a lifelong wrestling fan himself, the actor was fully aware that fans would hate to see him holding the title, but he was getting paid to do so, so went along with it. In an incredible show of kindness, Arquette donated all the money he earned from appearances in WCW to charity, likely feeling he had a lot of karma to make up!

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