10 Things You Didn't Know About WCW In 2000

8. WCW Thought Spring Stampede Relaunch Would Succeed

Just before the Spring Stampede Pay-Per-View in April, Eric Bischoff returned to WCW, and both he and Vince Russo were entrusted with turning things around. It's unclear why people thought this would be a success, given that neither man had been able to do much good individually, but this was treated like a real meeting of geniuses at the time. The duo's big idea was to plan a program pitting the older, more established wrestlers of WCW against a group of younger, hungry talent who desperately wanted to take their place. Thus, the 'Millionaire's Club' was born, featuring the likes of Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, DDP and Sting. Facing them were the bold collective of the 'New Blood', headed up by Bischoff and Russo. Featured members included Jeff Jarrett, Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell, who were all veterans, totally negating the initial concept. It's sobering to imagine now, but WCW really felt this was their ticket back to the top, recreating the old gang warfare magic of the nWo.

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