10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE In 2003

10. Eddie Guerrero Snaps At A Fan

There was an incident on a September 28th House Show in Winnipeg, Canada. During a Basham Brothers versus Los Guerreros match, Eddie was thrown against the railing. Whilst he was selling, a forty five year-old fan poured a beer over his back. Big mistake. Eddie completely lost it. He hopped the barricade, ran after the retreating fan and threw a few punches (none of which connected properly, fortunately for Eddie and the fan). Agents Arn Anderson and 'Blackjack' Jack Lanza came out to see what was going down as security tried to calm Eddie down. It was a hectic scene for a minute or two. The match stopped for a couple of minutes then resumed after a quick pep talk between the two teams. After the match had finished, Eddie called for the house mic. Latino Heat immediately apologised for his actions, explaining that he was angry because of his past problems with alcohol and felt that the fan had launched a personal attack on him (Eddie had given interviews about his addiction in the local press to promote the show). Eddie said that he was a practising Christian and did not do the proper Christian thing. He was sorry, but he had a few more words for the fans' friends, who were still sitting in the front row, accusing them of egging the antagonist on. It was wrong for him to attack the fan but it was an understandable reaction, considering the circumstances.

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